These instructions detail how to submit deliverables as part of a Clean Energy Communities project.


  1. To upload deliverables associated with a Task, expand the Task view as described in the Milestones and Deliverables page and click on the Manage Deliverables button.

  2. Click Choose File, locate and select the file on your computer.

  3. Change the Drop-Down to:

    NewSelect if you are submitting a deliverable for the first time or submitting an additional file.
    VersionSelect if you are replacing a previously submitted file with an updated one.

  4. Click the Upload button to upload the file. The page will refresh, and the Status will change from Unsubmitted to Submitted. Your Project Manager and the external reviewer will be notified.

  5. Once submitted, the Project Manager and External Reviewers will review the deliverable documents. Project Managers and External Reviewers may provide feedback and request revision in the Chatter Feed. If so, they will leave a comment for each deliverable. You can review these comments by clicking the View icon next to each deliverable in the Milestone & Deliverables page.

  6. If revisions are required, repeat the instructions for submitting deliverables (steps 1-4 on this page) and re-submit the deliverable as a Version to the original deliverable.

  7. Once a deliverable is approved, the Project Manager will approve the Milestone and you will receive an automated email confirming that you are able to submit an invoice for the approved Milestone. You can also view approved Milestones on the Milestones and Deliverables page.

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