Milestones and Deliverables, as defined in the Project Contract, are to be submitted and tracked on the Milestones and Deliverables page. Required Deliverables must be submitted to complete each Milestone.

For Custom Projects, there is Go/No-Go requirement associated with the Contract Milestone for each component of the Custom Project (see your Project Contract). Approval must be provided by the NYSERDA Project Manager before any funded equipment is purchased or the initiative is started.

  1. Access the Milestone & Deliverables by clicking on the Milestones & Deliverables button from the Feed tab
    or from the Details tab.

  2. The Milestones & Deliverables page contains a table with the two (2) Project Phases: Project Plan and Project Completion . If your project contains multiple components, there will be two (2) Project Phases for each component. This page allows you to upload and submit deliverables as well as view and track the status of your progress.

  3. Expand a Task by clicking on the arrow to the right side of the blue bar containing the name of the Task.
    Expand all Tasks by clicking the Expand All button.

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