Invoicing is predicated on the approved Milestones. Once your NYSERDA Project Manager has approved a Milestone, you are available to invoice.

  1. To generate an invoice, click on the Details tab to see your Project information, scroll down to the Project Invoices section which shows all previously submitted and draft invoices, and click on New Project Invoice.

    Approved Milestones and Deliverables are systematically pulled into the New Project Invoice and no additional documentations is required for upload to the Invoice.

  2. Enter a Payment Message or Invoice Notes as applicable (though not required).

  3. If required as part of your contract, enter a Cost Share amount, otherwise, leave the Cost Share field blank and click the Save button. This will create a Draft Invoice.

  4. After clicking the Save button, a Submit button will appear at the bottom of the invoice. To submit the final version of the invoice, click this new Submit button. A confirmation message will appear on the top of the page indicating that you invoice was successfully submitted.

  5. Previously submitted or Draft invoices can be found on your project’s Details tab under the Project Invoices section.

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