The Chatter Feed is on your Project Page. This is where you will communicate with your NYSERDA Project Manager and the external reviewer. Keeping communications in the Chatter Feed allows NYSERDA to respond quickly and track all sent and received communications that may be difficult to manage with an email application alone.

  1. To post a message to the Chatter Feed, click the Click here to expand the Post action option, document your message and click the Post button.

    All previous posted messages appear below the Post section.

  2. Document your message in the Write Something section and click the Share button.

    You can Tag the External Reviewer and the NYSERDA Project Manager by typing the @ symbol then the name of the person you want to Tag. This will send a notification email the Tagged individuals to ensure that your message is received and viewed. This action can also be done when uploading a file.

  3. To attach a file to the Chatter Feed, click the File tab, then click the Choose File button and locate the file on your computer.

    Enter in any text that may be relevant when uploading the file, using @ mentions to Tag members of the CEC team that would want to know about the uploaded file.

  4. When you are ready to post the file, click the Share button.

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