The NYSERDA Flexible Techincal Assistance (FlexTech) Program supports New York State Commercial, Industrial and Multifamily customers by providing a cost-share for credible, objective technical assistance services. These services may include, but are not limited to, targeted or comprehensive energy studies, retro-commissioning studies, electrification/electrification readiness studies, and energy master planning.

A third-party technical assistance service provider is required for all projects. Customers in need of a service provider may choose from NYSERDA’s FlexTech Consultant list. Customers also have the option to select their own Independent Service Provider to perform the study. A FlexTech Consultant, Independent Service Provider, or Customer may apply to the FlexTech Program. Program funds will be distributed to the Applicant.

Register for a Portal Account

To register for a portal account, access this link: Portal Registration Link.

The Portal Registration website contains two messages at the top. The first provides some guidance on what company information should be entered into the Company Information section of the registration form. The second message provides a link to the Salesforce Portal login page should you lose it.

To register a new Salesforce Portal account, follow the instructions below.

Complete the Company Information section, being sure to populate all required fields (shown with a red asterisk * ).

Please register with the main company information, not the sub-entity (LLCs, Inc, etc.) information.

Complete the Contact Information section, being sure to populate all required fields (shown with a red asterisk * ).

New portal registrants also need to select their role on the project (Customer vs. Independent Service Provider) under the drop-down.

Click Create at the bottom of the registration form.

You'll receive an email notification to the address provided in in the Contact Information section of the registration page. Within the email notification, click the create a password link to finalize the registration process by choosing a password.

Once your registration is complete and your password set, you can log into the Salesforce Portal at anytime using this link: Salesforce Portal.

Recorded FlexTech Training Conducted on May 7, 2024

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