FlexTech: Deliverables

Once the scope of work has been approved, the Applicant will get an executed contract package of the final Scope of Work and Budget, and the project Purchase Order which indicates the cost share to be distributed to the Applicant.

Once the Scope of Work is Approved, the applicant can navigate to the NYSERDA Salesforce Portal and login.

In the portal homepage, click the Projects tab to navigate to the project record. 

You may need to change the drop down to FlexTech – External in order to see all your FlexTech projects.

Click the Project Name of the Approved project.

Within the Project Details page, scroll down and locate the Milestones and Deliverables section. 

The project must be in the Approved status to upload deliverables.

The only documents required for initial deliverable submission are the Report and Project Summary Sheet. Click on Choose File to upload a required document.

If only one of the required documents is uploaded, a red prompt will appear above stating which document is required to be uploaded.

You will not utilize the Reviewer Comments field for the initial deliverable submission.

Once the correct files are submitted, DO NOT upload further documentation until the Project Manager approves/rejects the documents.

File name or uploads can not exceed 40 characters.

 Once the required documents are added, click Submit in the lower left-hand corner. 

Once all of the documents are approved, the Applicants will get a Final Report Approved email.

This is the last step for Deliverables. If at least one document requires revisions and is rejected, follow the steps below.

Documents that require revisions will have a rejected status. The Project Manager will upload a document to the Reviewer Comments field, which will outline the necessary edits to the document(s). The Project Manager will also send an email with the link to the project, and attachment of the Reviewer Comments so all parties can view. 

Once the Applicant receives the Reviewer Comments, they have 30 days to upload the revised document(s). The process repeats until all documents have been Approved by the Project Manager.

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