Intervention Points and Best Practices

Prioritizing Decarbonization Interventions 

While each individual building has a unique capital improvement plan and timeline, retrofit projects or decarbonization interventions may be organized and grouped by similarity over the coming thirty years. Below is the overarching hierarchy for decarbonization intervention points according to industry best practices.

Best Practice Interventions

  1. Facade Upgrades
  2. Windows Upgrades
  3. Ventilation Upgrades with Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV)  – weight decentralization against maintaining central systems
  4. Maximize the reduction of distribution temperatures – weigh against abandonment
  5. Maximize surface area of terminal units – weigh against abandonment
  6. Supplement 90% of peak load with hybrid electrification strategies
  7. Eliminate peak load “last-mile” with innovative strategies in storage and/or thermal demand response
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