All projects from contract execution through commercial operation must submit quarterly reports through the LSR portal.  Reports are due March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1. The quarterly report consists of an updated project schedule and project narrative, plus attachments where applicable.

Updating the Project Schedule

Log into the Salesforce Portal and access the Projects Tab. Access the Project Record in Salesforce by clicking the link in the Project Name column.

From within the Project Record, click the Manage Milestones button above the Project Details section.

Review each numbered Milestone (1-41). You can filter the milestones using the Development Stage drop-down or view all milestones by leaving this drop-down on None.

While reviewing each of the 41 Milestones, double-click any cell to edit the cell's contents, or click the Pencil icon in the Edit Column to edit the entire milestone record.

Update the following fields for each milestone as needed:

Field NameRequirements
Start/End DatesInput actual or expected dates. Start and End dates can be the same for discrete events.
Percentage CompleteUpdate the progress towards the milestone completion.
StatusProvide a brief status description (1-3 sentences).

When all required changes have been made to all milestones, click the Save Milestone button to save your changes.

Once saved, click the Back to Project link to return to the Project Record.

Creating the Project Narrative

Locate and access the Project Record in Salesforce. If you are continuing the steps from the section above, you will already be on the Project Record.

At the top of the Project Record, above the Project Detail section, click the Project Progress Reports option. This will auto-scroll you down to the Project Progress Reports section.

From the Project Progress Reports section, click Edit for the latest progress report row. This opens the Progress Report edit page.

In the Progress Report edit page, update the following fields

Field NameRequirements
Completed Date

Input the date you completed the progress report.

Completed ByInput the individuals name who completed the progress report.

Update the status to:

  • Draft: Report is in draft form
  • Completed: Report is completed, or
  • Revised: Report has been revised since being completed.

A status of Completed indicates to NYSERDA staff that the report is ready to be reviewed.

Progress Report DescriptionUse this section for the narrative about the project.

After updating all required fields and inputting the project narrative, click Save either at the top or the bottom of the page to save your progress report updates.

Adding Attachments (If Applicable)

Upload required attachments to the corresponding document slots as available. Required attachment could include:

  • Copies of any permits or approvals granted
  • Copies of any correspondence (of any type) denying or refusing any permit or approval
  • Prevailing Wage documentation
  • Supplemental M/WBE survey (to be updated as project progresses to construction)