This page reviews how external contractors grant or rescind Admin access to other program or project staff within their organization to the Large Scale Renewables Salesforce Portal.


The instructions on this page can only be completed by existing contractors who have been assigned the Manage Users  Tab permission. This permission set must be set either by a NYSERDA employee or an existing contractor in your organization that has previously been granted this access. If you have access to this permission set you will have access to the Manage Users tab after logging into the Large Scale Renewables Salesforce Portal.

Log into the Large Scale Renewables Salesforce Portal.

Click on the Manage Users tab.

This tab will only appear for Portal users who have previously been granted Admin access.

Then, locate the Portal user in the list of active users and click the Edit link on the far right of the window. A modal window will open.

On the modal window either check or uncheck the Admin box to grant or rescind admin access for the selected Portal user.