System Instructions


This page reviews how external contractors can add equipment to their project.


Log into the Salesforce Portal and access the Projects Tab. 

Access the Project Record in Salesforce by clicking the link in the Project Name column.

In the Project Records page, click the Project Equipment tab.

Then, click the New Project Equipment button to add new Project Equipment details.

On the next page, use the drop-down menu to select whether it is a Wind Project Equipment or Solar Project Equipment record. Then, click the Continue button.

The page will redirect to the New Project Equipment page, use the Equipment Type drop-down menu to select the Equipment Type.

The Manufacturer field will become available after you select the Equipment Type. Use the drop-down menu to select the Manufacturer.

If you select Other as an option under the Manufacturer field, then the Other Manufacturer Text Field should be filled.

Once you have entered all of the data, click on the Save to save the record.

Click on Save & New button to save a record and create a new record immediately.

Click on Cancel button to exit out of the page without saving any information.

Once the new Project Equipment is created successfully, a message confirming Project Equipment has been saved will pop up.

Once the new Project Equipment is created, go back to the Project Records page and click on the Project Equipment tab to check/edit the new Project Equiment.