Submit an On-the-Job Training Application

NYSERDA’s On-The-Job Training for Energy Efficiency and Clean Technology program provides wage subsidies to eligible businesses to help reduce the financial risk of hiring and training new workers.

Businesses must submit a New Hire On-the-Job Training Application for each individual they would like to hire and bring through the program. All new hire applications must be submitted to NYSERDA no later than 7 days after the new hire’s start date to be eligible for funding.

To complete the application, you must have a Training Plan signed by the New Hire and a representative of the New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL). Your NYSDOL Business Service Representative can provide assistance in developing the Training Plan. Please provide your DOL Business Service Representative a 5 business day lead time to ensure successful completion of a hires training plan which can include intaking, phone calls, signatures, and requesting of documents or changes to the training plan. The Training Plan form is located on the PON 3982 Solicitation page.

Pre-requisites: Before proceeding with the below steps to submit an On-the-Job Training Application, a business must first have their Business Application to participate in the Clean Energy On-the-Job Training Program approved and must have received a Salesforce Portal login.

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