Internship Invoicing for Business

The NYSERDA Clean Energy Internship Program issues payments to participating businesses for a portion of approved intern wages on a reimbursable basis. Businesses may request reimbursement from NYSERDA for the wages paid to the intern one time at the end of the internship or businesses may request progress reimbursement payments no more frequently than every 12 weeks of intern work. Final reimbursement requests must be submitted within 60 days after the end of the internship.

To submit an invoice requesting reimbursement for an approved intern’s wages, follow the instructions below.

No payments will be processed for internships that are not approved by NYSERDA.

NYSERDA encourages organizations to sign up for secure direct deposit to receive payments more quickly. If your organization is not currently signed up to receive payments from NYSERDA by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), please use this link to register for EFT payments:

You will need your organization’s NYSERDA Supplier ID to complete the form. Contact [email protected] for this information if needed.

This is a one-time registration. If your organization is already set up to receive EFT payments, registration is not needed again.


Access the Projects tab and select WFD Internships - Approved from the drop-down. The list will filter to display only Approved Internship project records.

Locate the correct Project Record and access by clicking the name in the Project Name column.

Once in Project Record, select the Details tab directly under the project name. 

Once in the Project Record, scroll down to the Project Invoices section and click on the New Project Invoice button. This will open a new window with the Invoice Details page.

Review the information at the top of the invoice for accuracy. Then, input the total hours worked by the Intern since the last Invoice. The invoice totals will auto-update based on your input. The Is this the final Invoice field should only be checked if this invoice represents the final invoice for the internship.

NYSERDA will only reimburse up to 40 hours per week for interns when they are not taking any classes and up to 18 hours per week for interns while they are taking one or more classes. Additionally, NYSERDA does not provide reimbursement for overtime hours, paid time off, or holiday pay. Please only input regular hours worked that meet this criteria, not exceeding the 40 hours per week or 18 hours per week, as applicable.

Next, enter in a Customer Invoice # that corresponds to your invoice. Indicate the date range for the hours worked in the Invoice Notes field. Please ensure that the date range noted for this invoice does not overlap with the dates listed on prior invoices approved for the same internship, otherwise the invoice will be rejected.

Before you can attach supporting documentation, click Save. The Invoice page will refresh with the payment amount that will be provided by NYSERDA.

Click Manage/Upload Documents to attach supporting documentation for the invoice. This will open the Invoice Supporting Documents page. 

As noted on the Invoice Details page, payment documentation should be in the form of paycheck stubs and/or a payroll summary showing hours worked, wages paid, and applicable tax information. It is strongly preferred that you upload these materials as a single PDF.

On the Invoice Supporting Documentation page, enter in a name for the supporting document in the Document Name field, then click the Choose File button to locate and upload the document from your computer. Click Save to add the document to the Invoice Record.

If you do not click Save after uploading a document, it will not be saved to the Invoice Record.

It is preferred that you combine all payroll documents into a single PDF. However, if you must add additional documents, click the Add Another Document option and following Step 9 above until all supporting documents have been uploaded to the Invoice Record.

When all supporting documentation has been uploaded, click Save to ensure all your documents have been uploaded and attached to the Invoice Record. Then click Back to Invoice.

If any details on the Invoice need to be updated, click Edit, make any required changes and click Save again.

Click Submit to submit the invoice to NYSERDA's Program and Finance team for review, approval and payment. The page will refresh to display a successful submittal message.

If there are any issues with the submitted invoice during the review and approval process, NYSERDA Program staff will contact the Primary Contact for the internship project to resolve the issue(s).

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