NYSERDA has developed a list of High Impact Actions that communities can take to save energy and improve the environment. Information on how to meet requirements for each action, and what documentation is required, is provided in the CEC Leadership Round Guidance Document. Toolkits for each High Impact Action, including step-by-step guidance, template legislation, calculators and other resources are available at

To earn credit for completing High Impact Actions, follow the instructions on this page to submit action item documentation. NYSERDA will review the submitted documentation and provide notification that it has been approved or if it is incomplete and needs to be resubmitted.


  1. Navigate to the High Impact Action Submission online form on the NYSERDA Portal.

  2. At the top of the form, select your County, Community, and High Impact Action item from the Choose Your County, Choose Your Community, and Choose Your High Impact Action pick lists, respectively.

  3. Upload required documentation for the selected High Impact Action Item as listed in the Required Documents section. Click the Choose File button for each required document to upload to the online form.

    Complete details regarding compliance, documentation and submission requirements can be found by
    clicking the High Impact Action reference page link in the Required Documents section of the page.

  4. Upload additional supporting documentation in the Optional Documents section by clicking Add Another Document . Be sure to include both the Document Name and Description when uploading documents.

  5. Complete all Submitter Information fields, including any additional comments and the approximate date the High Impact Action item was completed.

  6. Click Submit after completing the online form.

  7. A message confirming the submission will display.

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