Everyone at NYSERDA can now choose between a WebEx Meeting and a WebEx Event. There are subtle differences between the two, which can make deciding which to choose difficult.  Here's a handy table to help in your decision making process:

Key takeaways:

  • Will you have less than 200 attendees? Meeting is best for you
  • Is this a collaboration? Meeting is best for you
  • Is this more of a broadcast or delivering information? Event is best for you
  • Will you be seeing presentations or video from more than just the panelists? Meeting is best for you

Table taken from Cisco

Which Webex Solution is right for you?        Cisco Webex
Cisco Webex Events
Capacityup to 200 participantsUp to 1000 participants.
Cisco Webex Mobile App SupportYesYes
Real-time presentation and application sharingYesYes
Ability to pass control to other presentersYesYes
Cross-platform support (Windows, Mac, Linux)YesYes
Adobe Flash, streaming audio and videoYesYes
Network-based and client-side recording for meeting/event re-useYesYes
Make certain attendees presenters and panelistsNoYes
Hybrid Audio - standard phone plus VoIP - in the same sessionYesYes
Audio BroadcastingNoYes

Broadcast audio:

  • Attendees attend by VoIP only
  • Presenters may attend by standard phone or VoIP
Disable audio entry and exit tone inside meetingYesNo
Simplified attendee view - attendees can be kept anonymousNoYes
Threaded Q&A, prioritize Q&A, attention indicator, instant feedback iconsNoYes
Private chatYesYes
Flash-based interface requires no plug-ins for attendeesNoYes

Program/Campaign Management:

  • Registration management (customizable and auto approval)
  • Automated and manual email invites
  • Reminders and tracking
Lead Source tracking and enrollment/lead scoringNoYes
eCommerce function to support PayPal payment for trainingNoYes
Post-event support survey and destination urlNoYes
Export leads to CRM systemsNoYes