Keeper Security: Enrollment

Keeper Security enrollment begins with the email received when IT has both provisioned a license and installed the application for you. This email contains a link to begin the enrollment process and set up the Keeper Security application according to your preferences. If you have trouble setting up your Keeper Security application, please contact IT at (placeholder)

Keeper Security Set-Up

Begin by clicking the Set Up Your Account Now link in the email sent from Keeper Security. This begins a short process to set up your Keeper Security account.

Your first task is to set up your Master Password and Security Question and Answer. The Create Account button will not become active until the form is complete and the Terms of Use is box is checked.

Master PasswordThe password used each time to open the Keeper software. It must be at least 10 characters long.
Security QuestionUsed in the recovery process if you forget your password.
Security AnswerThe answer to the above question used in the recovery process. It must be at least 10 characters long.

Next, Keeper Security will walk you through a four (4) step Quick Start process. While these four (4) steps can be skipped, it is highly recommend that you work through each one.

  • Step one (1) and three (3) provide guidance on how to create new record types in Keeper Security, an essential function you will use often
  • Step two (2) and four (4) finalize some additional settings that make the experience using Keeper Security safer and easier to use.

Quick Start process Step 1: The first step will walk you through creating a new Record in your Keeper Security Account. Click the Let's Do It button to begin and follow the screen prompts to create your first Record. After creating your first Record, Keeper Security will bring you back to the Quick Start process to begin Step 2.

Quick Start process Step 2: Click the Install Now button to install the Keeper Security Browser Extension to your internet browser. Without this browser extension installed, Keeper Security will be unable to auto populate your Username and Password for any sites or applications you have created a Record for. The installation process should take less than a minute to complete.

Quick Start process Step 3: Click the Let's Do It button to set up a new Payment Card record. This is an option step for those wishing to use Keeper Security to manage online payment methods. If you would like to store Credit Card or Debit Card payment information, complete this step as well or click the Skip link to bypass and move to Step 4.

Quick Start process Step 4: The final step of the process will walk you through setting up two-factor authentication. It is highly recommended that two-factor authentication be set up to provide an extra layer of protection to your Username and Password data. Click the Enable Now button to begin the setup process.

On the first screen to enable two-factor authentication, toggle the Text Message option on, fill in the mobile Phone Number field, then click the Next button.

Once you have received the 6-digit confirmation code sent to the mobile phone number entered in the previous step, enter it into the Verification Code field. If you did not get the confirmation code, click the Send a new code link to have a new one sent. Then, select the desired option from the Two-Factor Code Duration drop-down menu to define how frequently Keeper Security will require a new Confirmation Code to open and access the application. Click Next when complete.

If you did not get the confirmation code, click the Send a new code link on the bottom left of the window to have a new one sent

Next, Keeper Security will provide you with eight (8) Backup Codes. You should write down or save these codes for the future. Should you be in a situation where you do not have mobile phone access or cannot receive the Confirmation Code through text, these codes can be used to access your account. Click the button at the bottom of the window to continue.

Finally, click Done to complete the Quick Start process.


  1. Andy R. Andersen  -  the link to Keeper needs to be added to this page.  We will be linking staff to this page in an upcoming Infographic on Passwords.  Below is the link and new screen that also needs to be replaced.  Pam would like us to promote Keeper so we want to be sure the info is accurate.  This will allow us to see if staff are going here to learn more.  Let Timothy Chace  or me know if you have any questions.

    Here is the new page look.

  2. Hey Mary Burke [X] , please work with Jie Weng on these updates. I will be out tomorrow so he can begin that work then. If not, I will work on towards the end of next week. I am curious about this new image though. Seems like it's coming from a URL. Has the enrollment process changed? I believe when I was set up, enrollment link came through email as we had minimal licenses. If that has changed any anyone can sign up now without IT involvement, let us know because then we would need to add the link. However, I believe this access needs to be set up first by Bill Corrales which would prompt enrollment from a link in an email, not from a URL.

  3. Andy R. Andersen The keeper enrollment process still requires IT involvement though the POC at OPS has changed. I'd ask for the official process from Tom for this release so he and his team are aware. I think Joseph W. Pitha let Mary know this earlier, but there are only 45 Keeper licenses currently available. The provisioning process currently is a user cuts a ticket requesting a license, that account is set up on the server and then an email is generated and the user can start the login process. The keeper automated email looks like this:

    Let us know if you have any other questions. thanks.