Contractors will be allowed to submit invoices once a budget has been created in Salesforce and is set to status Approved. These instructions are intended for Portal User Contractors or External Stakeholders when submitting an invoice as part of the project budget.


Log into Salesforce to access the Project Record.

 Click on the Projects tab.

Select All from the view drop-down, then click the Project Name from list to access the specific Project Record. (Ensure that Project Record type is listed as Generic Project Management)

Click on the Details tab within the Project Record, then click on the Project Invoice option.  

Click on New Project Invoice, or scroll down to an existing Project Invoice.

Review Invoice Summary and Budget Line Items.

Enter Current Invoice Amount under the NYSERDA and Cost Share fields and click Save.

Review Current Invoice Amount then scroll down and select Continue. Or click Edit to make modifications to the Invoice Amount.

A supporting document must be attached to submit an Invoice. To submit Supporting Documents select Manage Documents.

A PDF must be attached, otherwise submission won't be accepted.

Enter the Document Name, then click on Choose file to locate and upload a document from your computer. 

Click Save to submit the uploaded document. Document Status will then display as Submitted. If you uploaded the wrong file, click on the X to the far right of the document line item to delete the file.

Once Saved, click Previous to return to the Invoice submission page.

On the Invoice submission page, click on Edit to edit the Invoice Line Amount, add Customer Invoice #, and include Invoice Notes if needed.

Review the Invoice Lines Items and Amounts, then add the Customer Invoice #, and Invoice Notes. Click Save when. complete.

After validating that all the information is correct, click Submit. If changes are needed, click the Edit but instead to make changes to the Invoice.

After clicking Submit, the Invoice page will refresh and display Approved as the Invoice status. Return to the Project Record and confirm that the Invoice appears in the Project Invoice section and has a Sent to Finance status.

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