The Combined Residential Application is intended to streamline the application process while broadening the scope of services approved Applicants are eligible for. The application can be accessed by navigating to Applicants can access and complete the application online (an Application Portal Account is required) or print, sign and mail in a paper application.

Applicants can receive assistance from Participating Contractors and/or Community Organizations when completing an application.

Faster, Safer, and More Accurate:

  • Its the fastest path for reviewing and approving an AHP or EmPower applicant.
  • Reduces or prevents incomplete, incorrect or missing information in the application.
  • Sensitive documents (proof of income, utility bills) in any format (pdf, photo) are uploaded securely.
  • Applicants can provide an e-signature rather than a physical one.
  • Approved applications automatically and seamlessly upload into Uplight to auto-create projects.

More Control:

  • Applicants can choose their own Contractor if they own the property referenced in the application.
  • Applicants can start, stop and return to the application at anytime which is helpful if1:

The application cannot be completed in one setting,

Additional time is needed to gather required and/or supporting documents or information

More Reliable Communications:

  • NYSERDA staff can leverage the online application to quickly reach out to applicants directly for missing documentation or information.
  • The system the application is built around provides timely, automated reminders and notifications to applicants when communication is necessary.

Reminders are sent at day 10, 20, and 30 once an application has been initiated.

Manual cancellation of the application occurs at day 30.

The materials below provide additional resource and materials to help CLEAResults Shared Services who are assisting Applicants when completing and submitting a Combined Residential EmPower/AHP Application. Additionally, applicants can be provided the following link which will allow them to access related material specific to their needs:

Process Overview

Resource Materials

NYSERDA conducted a training to introduce the new Combined Residential Application in July, 2021. The below presentation was used during that training session and can be accessed below for review purposes.

NYSERDA conducted a training to introduce the new Combined Residential Application in July, 2021. The below recording can be accessed to review that training session.

With the Combined Residential Applications, CLEAResult Shared Services, Contractors, and Community Organizers can create Campaign Codes from their Salesforce Application Portal. Once a campaign code is created, a web link will be generated that can be posted to a website or shared with an applicant through email.

  • Applicants applying using the online Combined Residential Application from an active campaign code generated web link, will see the contractor and/or community organization’s information pre-populated in the Partner Information section of the application.
  • Contractors and community groups can set up multiple campaign codes to track different marketing outreach efforts through Salesforce.

The instructional materials below are intended to provide guidance for CLEAResult Shared Services when creating Campaign Codes in Salesforce.

To create a Campaign Code, log into Salesforce.

Access the Generate Campaign tab.

On the Generate Campaign tab, a list of all campaigns created by the logged in user are displayed. To create a new Campaign, click Generate Campaign.

A modal window will open. Click OK to confirm the request to generate a new Campaign Code (and URL).

Back on the Generate Campaign tab, the newly generic Campaign Code will appear on the top of the list. Be sure to check that the Campaign Code status is set to Active. The Campaign URL can be copied and pasted for use in websites or shared through email.

Campaign Codes that will no longer be utilized should be switch to Inactive status. 

Click the Edit link to the far right of the Campaign Code.

On the modal window that opens, click the Status drop-down and change the selection from Active to Inactive. Then click Save Changes.

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