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The NENY Tableau Reports provides an aggregated snapshot of EmPower production and expenditure of NENY funding. The NENY EmPower+ Incentive Reporting Sharepoint provides a secure environment for NYSERDA to share project level production data with participating Utility Partners.

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NENY: Tableau Reports
NENY: SharePoint Reports
General NENY Tableau Reports Information
Access the NENY Tableau Reports

The NENY Tableau Reports contain two separate reports available to Utility companies, the Benefits Summary and the Financial Summary, and are accessed from the tabs at the top of the report tableau site. These reports contain no customer sensitive information. Learn more about each of these two reports below.

Utilities are able to download report data into an excel based format, however, the data is restricted to what appears in the Tableau Reports and will not contain any other data or information.

Benefits Summary Report

The Benefits Summary report provides specific details regarding incentives paid out to Utilities and should be used to determine the current incentives expenditures with respect to the Utilities annual budget and only references completed work. This data is updated once per day outside of normal working hours.

This section of the report contains the report filters. Filters provide Utilities the ability to narrow down the report information. Filters cannot be saved and will need to be reset each time a Utility accesses the report. Additionally, the available filters only effect the Benefits Summary Table section of this report and will not filter the Incentive Budget table at the bottom of this report or the Financial Summary report found in the other tab.

Report Filter Details

The Benefits Summary Table contains a high-level overview of the Utilities performance with respect to NENY funding as well as a detailed breakdown based on Measure. Any change to, or use of, the filters at the top of the report will only filter this section of the report.

The Incentive Budget section of the report provides a high-level overview of how each Utility is performing compared to their annual incentive budgets, broken out first by Year, then by Funding. While this data is updated daily the report filters at the top. of the report will not filter this table. Utilities will need to scroll through the alphabetized list to locate their company and associated budget information.

Financial Summary Report

The NENY EmPower+ Financial Summary provides budge information pulled from NEIS. This information allows the tracking of the new efficiency NY funding. Use this tab to learn about each of the categories. Evaluation will be added down the road under the Activity Category.

Category TitleDefinition


Represents the Incentive Budget broken out first by Utility Type (Electric or Gas), then by Activity Category.
ExpendedRepresents the value of incentives that have already been Invoiced against and paid out by NYSERDA.
EncumberedRepresents the value of incentives that have been earmarked in our systems but have not yet been paid out to the Utility.
Total Progress= Expended + Encumbered
Remaining Amount= Budget - Total Progress

General NENY SharePoint Reports Information
Access the NENY SharePoint Reports

The EmPower+ SharePoint site contains two NENY reports for each Utility representing Electric and Gas incentive data. These reports are updated once per month on the first of each month and should be used in conjunction with the NENY Tableau Reports as needed. The NENY SharePoint Reports differ from the NENY Tableau Reports in several key ways:

  1. They contain customer sensitive information so these reports must be protected at all times, and
  2. They are cumulative. As each report is generated, the new information is appended to the previous report so each report contains all new and historical incentive data.

Additionally, Utilities are only able to see reports for their specific Utility and will not be able to access any other Utility reports.

Report Details

Once on the Empower+ SharePoint site, access your Utilities document library by clicking the Utility name in the left-hand navigation pane. Once the page refreshes, you will see the two NENY reports, one for Electric incentive data and another for Gas incentive data.

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