EBC Webinar: Cold Climate Tall Building Decarbonization

Mental barriers to decarbonization are hindering the decision-making process, holding back progress for real estate to meet climate goals and achieve regulatory compliance. By adopting an incremental methodology and integrated design process combined with strategic capital planning, building owners can create a clear path toward carbon neutral operations. The Resource Efficient Electrification (REE) approach enables an understanding of the most economically and technically efficient scenarios to realize decarbonization of the built environment. This approach will accelerate necessary change in the building sector and its supporting industries, creating a broader market for low carbon retrofit solution providers and manufacturers.

The materials below were part of a presentation given on Oct 1, 2021 as part of the Empire Building Challenge, in partnership with the Rocky Mountain Institute, Ecosystem Energy Services and Urbs. When accessing the presentation, click to open and scroll down or up to move between slides.

Presentation Materials

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