The instructions below provide guidance on obtaining a Statement of Qualification after reaching Commercial Operation for Tier 1 projects only.

30 business days prior to the planned date of Commercial Operation, please review the below process to be sure you are familiar with all associated requirements and timing. This will ensure that when you reach Commercial Operation and begin following the process outlined below, there will be no delays in invoicing. NYSERDA agrees to grant or deny Operational Certification within thirty (30) days after Seller has submitted a fully complete Operational Certification request demonstrating Tier-1 eligibility. 

Important Reminders
  • NYSERDA’s Agreement requires that you collaborate with NYSERDA's Communications Unit, or RES program staff, with regard to the preparation of any press release, public announcement, publication or media interview with respect to the contract or the project. Contact your NYSERDA Project Manager to be put in touch with NYSERDA’s Marketing and Communications team.
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