EBC Webinar: Thermal Energy Networks for Decarbonization

New engineering design means and methods are needed to enable and speed adoption of low carbon retrofit technologies. Efficient heating and cooling energy systems are widely available but underused due to lack of knowledge and thermal system interaction. Decarbonization requires adapting distribution designed for legacy thermal supply to electric and renewable thermal energy systems. New design strategies are emerging which can help alleviate space constraint issues, provide peak thermal capacity, optimize operational efficiencies, utilize waste heat, and reduce the need for oversized electrified thermal energy systems creating retrofit cost compression. The latest research on thermal energy networks focuses on utilizing heat and cold in a sustainable way by creating innovative components and control strategies for thermal systems. Cary Smith and Garen Ewbank from The GreyEdge Group will provide perspectives on designing efficient thermal networks for decarbonization. This webinar will focus on low temperature distribution, electrification with advanced heat pumps, thermal storage integration and thermal interactive buildings.

The materials below were part of a presentation given on Jun 18, 2012 as part of the Empire Building Challenge, in partnership with the GreyEdge Group. When accessing the presentation, click to open and scroll down or up to move between slides.

Presentation Materials

Webinar Recording

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