This process guide outlines reminders and information needed to review and approve the Balance Collection Invoice.  The invoice reflects funds owed to NYSERDA as a result of a monthly debit which was accrued for a 12-month period.  Any Monthly Debit that goes unrecovered for twelve months shall be settled by Seller in cash within thirty (30) days after the conclusion of such twelve-month period, except that all Monthly Debits outstanding at the conclusion of the Contract Delivery Term shall be settled by Seller in cash within thirty (30) days after the conclusion of the Contract Delivery Term.

At any time, billing contact has ability to view in Salesforce by going to Projects tab, selecting the Project , and clicking on Contract Year Summary.

NYSERDA will initiate the payment after the 12-month period if needed.  The Billing Contact associated with the Project Record will receive an automated email requesting review and approval. This email will contain a link that will navigate the Billing Contact to the appropriate screen in the Salesforce Portal.

Review Steps:

The Billing contact will need to log into Salesforce, locate and access the correct Project Payments and will follow the below steps. 

The Period From field on the payment record will reference the first month in which the balance collection record type is pulling in for the referenced invoices.

On the invoice, review the header details for project specific information. Note the Balance Collection Record Type, as these are funds due to NYSERDA. 

Alert your NYSERDA contact to any discrepancies.

The invoice will contain a list of payments totaling the collectable amount (Regular and True-up payment types) will follow in the table. The table will provide the invoice number and period along with the amounts for each.

The total of the payments listed will be summarized in the Invoice Amount just below the table.  Please note this amount is negative as it reflects the amount due to NYSERDA. 

There is a link embedded within the text Click here for NYSERDA Payment Details and Submission Instructions. This will provide contact information to verbally verify NYSERDA banking information for EFT payments, account details and a NYSERDA W-9 form. 

If additional information is required to establish NYSERDA within the organizations payable system, please reach out to the contacts listed in the link.

Once Submitted for approval, please alert the NYSERDA Finance contacts provided within the banking details file that payment has been submitted and by what method (wire, ACH, check).

Once received the Finance contacts will confirm receipt.

Once payment has been received, the amount will be entered into NYSERDA’s financial system and reflected in the Salesforce Portal to offset payment due.


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