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The following sections will help you understand the process for Creating and Managing Program Partnerships in Salesforce.

Before creating a New Account, search in Salesforce for an Existing Account to prevent duplicate accounts.  Maintaining clean, accurate data is one of the most critical things you can do to get the most out of Salesforce

Search for an Existing Account

Navigate to the NYSERDA launch page and click the Salesforce tile.

Enter the Company Name in the Search field at the top of Salesforce to check for any existing accounts. Always select and edit an existing account if you find a match.

If the search results in zero matches, create a New Account.

Create a New Account

If there are no existing accounts, click on the Accounts tab and then click New.

Fill in all available information into the corresponding fields and Save the entry.

Establish a Program Partnership

On the Account tab, scroll to the Program Partnerships section and click New Program Partnership.

Search for the program name in the Program field; select the appropriate program and click Save. If the program name is not available, submit a Salesforce Jira Software Issue to request adding the program to the list.

Save the record.

Updating Program Partnership Records

If a website is not already established to display your Program Partnership data, a Salesforce Jira Software Issue must be Submitted to initiate the process. The Program Partnership record fields impact what is displayed on NYSERDA’s Website. Reference the record fields in the information table below:

StatusIndicates the status of the Account in relationship to the Program. Program Partnerships with a “Full”, “Provisional”, or “Probation” status can be displayed on the website.
WebsiteThe URL of the Account’s website. This can be displayed on the website.
Areas of ExpertiseSkillsets and technologies in which an Account specializes. Multiple Areas of Expertise may be selected and displayed on the website.
Counties ServedThe New York State Counties where the Account performs their business activities. Multiple Counties Served may be selected and displayed on the website.
Do Not Display on WebsiteA checkbox which when selected, removes an Account from the website listing for only the applicable Program Partnership.

Select desired Area of Expertise from left-hand section and click the right arrow to add to the chosen field; to remove an Area of Expertise from the chosen field, select from the right-hand section and click left arrow. When done click OK.

To edit Counties Served, hover over the field and Double Click.

Scroll down past the counties until you reach the regions at the bottom of the list on the left and select desired region(s). Click OK.

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  1. Alicia N Mink [X]  - this looks really nice! I like the way you've laid it out.  Let me know if you need information on the additional fields that are displayed on the website for Step 1 of the last section...there are a few more. Additionally, the fields displayed aren't the same across programs at the moment, but maybe that is something that you and Steven G. Lebelare working on that I just haven't heard about yet. 

  2. Should the Account be changed to a Partner Account? There is a step in a different confluence page that instructs me to click "Enable as Partner" on the "Manage External Account" drop down. This is the page: Managing Partner Accounts & Users. I am asking for RTEM purposes, I know that the other page is under Large Scale Renewables.